Ordering specification

1. Reservations using the reservation system, we agree to pay the total amount of the total price of the reservation, to determine the reservations online reservation room and the price of the right.

2. Your completed credit card payment will be debited by your credit card account immediately.

3. In order to protect the security of your credit card transactions, the Online Booking Authority of this website should be consistent with the personal data of the check in person, and must provide the same identification documents at the time of lodging, such as the identity card original Or the original credit card.

4. If you need to change the date of your reservation after booking, please cancel the booking online and re-order. The cancellation of the transaction will not be charged for the completion of the rebooking transaction. The website will not accept the manual or online change date service.

5. If you need to cancel your booking after confirming your online reservation, please contact the hotel reservation personnel to cancel the reservation.

6. Online prices are tax and service charges.

7. Check-in time is after 3:00 pm, check-out time is before 12:00 pm.

8. If there is any force majeure on the day of registration, if the traffic is interrupted due to the earthquake or the Central Typhoon Warning is issued by the Central Meteorological Bureau, please contact the reservation center within 3 days from the date of arrival.

9. Ping, Wang, holiday-based hotel definition

privacy policy

This site is a site that provides secure transactional services, so we respect and protect the privacy of the site's users.
The following information will help you understand how we collect, apply and protect the personal information you provide.

Collection Policy for Personal Data

In order to confirm the transaction services and the convenience of you to obtain information on this site, we will ask you to provide information, including the user
ID, password, name, ID, contact number, contact fax, e-mail address, contact address ... and other personal information.

Collection of personal data on the use of policies

The information you enter on the website will only be used for newsletters and postings in the DM.

Policies for sharing personal information with third parties

1. The personal information collected on this Site will not be sold, exchanged, or rented to any other group or person for any purpose other than the above purpose without your consent.
2. In order to provide other services or benefits for the purpose of sharing the information with the third party providing the service or the offer (to launch an event or special offer with other parties), the website will provide you with sufficient information during the event. Select whether to accept the specific service or offer.

Payment specifications

Any cancellation received within 3 days prior to the arrival will incur the first night’s charge. Failure to arrival at your hotel property will be treated as a No-Show and will incur the first night’s charge.